Gaze Upon the Fields of Sorrow

by Sardonic Wrath

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Recorded Spring 2016, though some parts were written and recorded back in 2014. Initially meant to be the first Sardonic Wrath album title.


released April 16, 2016

Sadistic Blasphemer: All instruments, vocals, lyrics
Theodor Kittelsen: Artwork



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Sardonic Wrath

Avant-garde Black/Death Metal.

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Track Name: Massacre
Sadistic Slaughter, Rape of Mother and Daughter
Incapacitate, Lacerate, Decapitate-MASSACRE
Track Name: Embers
There are no rules in love and war
Only the defeater and the defeated
Like the flame that trickles in eternity
Suckling embers fall unto stony bosom
Where vultures once flew
Damnation calls to us
At the sigh of high noon

The sign of Sodom
Rises from the sands
Lifted by the finger
Of Sceptre By Satan’s Command
And the embers burn
The song of Satan
Shall orchestrate
Track Name: Warlock
Track Name: Violet Streams from Violent Dreams
Violet Streams from Violent Dreams

The doves can fly no more. Their wings maimed by the sword. Peace has admitted defeat. Calmly. The embrace of Ares should be met with masochism. So the writ begat. The lonely cliffside has a kingly view of everlasting azure waters. Obscured by a cinnabarren fog. There birthed hues in violets. Thus came Violet streams from Violent dreams.
Track Name: Song of Sodom
The serpent sleeps
By the hanging gardens
The desert sands of time trickling
Ravishing beauty
Siren song

Christianity only spread 
By submission to the sword 
Like a plague begat by holy war
And spread amongst human gore. 

I refuse to deify Jehovah
And denigrate Satana 
I abhor submission
Conformity's aggression

As the frost begat its last tear
I thought to myself and realized the lies of worms' excrement smeared as text onto holy books. I sought the crumbling megalith of the crucifix in my dreams and unleashed my tears of joy. The winter of mine gone, I welcomed a new spring of dawn.
Track Name: To the Glory of the Night Sky
Track Name: Bass Solo
Track Name: The Darkest Dawn...
The sun no longer sets
But nor will it rise again
As the wind sings it's swansong
Desolation breeds in an eternally black dawn
Funeral dirge of the wind

In An eternal night
An embrace of the dying wind 
And of forever frost

Though we wept to the sound of a rusting mute knell
We shed the last tears
To the symphony 
...Of nihilistic misery...

The tree of life 
Once As old as time itself
Wilts below the sky
To disintegrate with the sands of time
Dimensionless, timeless 
No one stood before it
Once, it stood tall 
Now it joins in heaven's fall

We will never enter the pipe dream
Of a salvation that was never meant to be

Bound to a past now lost
Autumnal zephyrs bring winter's frost
Souls once free 
Escaping to the realms of hades 

Every tear is a lost dream
A withering memoriam morti

The ravens and the crows 
Drifting with the winds
The suns waning gleam
Descends into quiescence 

The sign of a perishing sun
Mans fall into oblivion
An eternal winter's frost
A sign that all faith is lost

Jesus wept...I laughed the very last
As We sink into oblivion
To perish
And To freeze in the void of nothing
As we watch the last star's final gleam
No longer guarded by the vivacious grace of the sun
A grudging acceptance of the eternal black dawn
A grudging acceptance of our dénouement...
We enter the darkest hour
Only for time to stand still...forever

The flame of life now dimly glows
Scorn filled laughter sounds from the God you once so foolishly followed...
My heart grows black as the night
Only lit by the beacon of Lucifers light 
The last sign 
Of a forgotten age...

Grant me the keys to an eighth kingdom of hell
Where I may forever dwell
In black blissful solitude