7 Sins

by Sardonic Wrath

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Album of old, unreleased material. Artwork by Hieronymus Bosch.

Track 1: Recorded December 2014.
Track 2: Recorded January 2015.
Track 3: Recorded February 2015.
Track 4: Recorded March 2015.
Track 5: Recorded January 2015. Early version of Uruk War Crausan.
Track 6: Recorded December 2015. Burzum Cover. Recorded for a tribute album.
Track 7: Recorded August 2015. Darkthrone Cover.Recorded for a tribute album.


released April 10, 2016

Sadistic Blasphemer: All instruments, vocals, compositions



all rights reserved


Sardonic Wrath

Avant-garde Black/Death Metal.

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Track Name: He Who Rests in the Depths of R'lyeh
He Who Rests in the Depths of R'lyeh

Elder One
Unholy One
(He) who lies beyond the light of sun
Quiescent spawn
Beyond the dawn
(He) who rests until the time hath come

He will rise from infernal depths
Dreadful horror sown, his stage is set
From R'lyeh comes the great Cthulhu
Spawn of Nug, harbinger of death

Your mind cannot comprehend
The unspeakable terror that awaits
The bells of death toll for thee
The key to the Necronomicon seals your fate
The sigil illuminates
And the Mad Arab laughs beyond his weathered grave

Cthulhu fhtagn
Cthulhu fhtagn
Cthulhu fhtagn...

Pazuzu wails the evocation
Yog-Sothoth conspicuous now in the sky
Storms of abhorrence rage

Anthropic Genocide
Under the stars, the moon, and sun aligned.
Cthulhu's dreams come alive
As you petulant, pestilent mortals die

The necrophobe's nightmare
Insanity's Night terror
Of Perdition's choir singing
Hymns to the sound of the cataclysm

Necrophilic beast eclipses the moon
All shall hail our Master, the great Cthulhu.
Track Name: Non Credi
There is no God but in the mind of the humans
The Truest Form of Evil is He Who Sits On the Throne of Tetragrammaton
The Sun Sets for The Pipe Dreamer, But Rises for the Skeptic
Knowledge Hidden Becomes Distinguished by the Atheistic
For We Stand Before No Masters
Presented By Jackal Preacher in Sheepskin
We Condemn not Our Carnal Spirit
Which They Deem as "Sin"
For We Kneel Before No "God" Above
The Fear of Which Drives the Weak to False "Love"
We Fear Not the False Evil Below
For He is really the Promethean Hero
We Need no Anguish Instilled to Sow The Seeds of Logic
Or Falsify Evidence of the Peer reviewed Scientific
Sacrosanct is our Camaraderie
That Helps Lift Humankind's Hope and Progression Beyond the Infinities.
Track Name: (Diptych) An Étude and an Elegy
Excerpted from William Shakespeare’s “The Rape of Lucretia”

Three times with sighs she gives her sorrow fire,
Ere once she can discharge one word of woe:
At length adrdress'd to answer his desire,
She modestly prepares to let them know
Her honour is ta'en prisoner by the foe;
While Collatine and his consorted lords
With sad attention long to hear her words.

And now this pale swan in her watery nest
Begins the sad dirge of her certain ending;
'Few words,' quoth she, 'Shall fit the trespass best,
Where no excuse can give the fault amending:
In me moe woes than words are now depending;
And my laments would be drawn out too long,
To tell them all with one poor tired tongue.

Daughter, dear daughter,' old Lucretius cries,
'That life was mine which thou hast here deprived.
If in the child the father's image lies,
Where shall I live now Lucrece is unlived?
Thou wast not to this end from me derived.
If children predecease progenitors,
We are their offspring, and they none of ours.

'Poor broken glass, I often did behold
In thy sweet semblance my old age new born;
But now that fresh fair mirror, dim and old,
Shows me a bare-boned death by time out-worn:
O, from thy cheeks my image thou hast torn,
And shivered all the beauty of my glass,
That I no more can see what once I was!

'O time, cease thou thy course and last no longer,
If they surcease to be that should survive.
Shall rotten death make conquest of the stronger
And leave the faltering feeble souls alive?
The old bees die, the young possess their hive:
Then live, sweet Lucrece, live again and see
Thy father die, and not thy father thee! m
He falls, and bathes the pale fear in his face,
And counterfeits to die with her a space;
Till manly shame bids him possess his breath
And live to be revenged on her death.

This said, he struck his hand upon his breast,
And kiss'd the fatal knife, to end his vow;
And to his protestation urged the rest,
Who, wondering at him, did his words allow:
Then jointly to the ground their knees they bow;
And that deep vow, which Brutus made before,
He doth again repeat, and that they swore.

When they had sworn to this advised doom,
They did conclude to bear dead Lucrece thence;
To show her bleeding body thorough Rome,
And so to publish Tarquin's foul offence:
Which being done with speedy diligence,
The Romans plausibly did give consent
To Tarquin's everlasting banishment.
Track Name: Stemmen Fra Tårnet (Burzum Cover)
En ukjent stemme kalte
Fra taarnet hvor ingen bodde
Fra bortenfor skogen
Hvor intet levde

Et rop i droemmen saa skjoent
Som stemmen til dronningen av natten

Vi vaaknet og saa maanen
Delvis dekket av dystre skyer

Det var kaldt og vaatt
Paa vaar ferd inn i riket
Av ufoedte tanker
Endelig kan vi se hva som kalte
For vi fulgte den stemmen i natt...
Track Name: Quintessence (Darkthrone Cover)
Eight miles deep the well forgotten by mortals
Oh, I drank it empty in one single sip
Eight miles wide the valley beyond all hope
Oh, I filled the whole with one single fist

Five million christians on a ride towards us
Oh, I slaughtered the bunch with one single hit (with my spear)
Five million women so alone in the night
Oh, I had them all satisfied profusely (every night by myself)

Ten thousand trolls hard as rock cold as ice
Oh, they ran when I rose to face them
Ten hungry waves they swallowed my ship
Oh, I steadily walked home (and I only got wet on my feet)

No single book were behelden by me
Oh, no question I cannot do answer
Only one single lamp do show me this way
And that is the eye of satan