by Sardonic Wrath

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Concept album about the cycle of day and night connected to human life.


released March 18, 2016

Sadistic Blasphemer: Everything



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Sardonic Wrath

Avant-garde Black/Death Metal.

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Track Name: The Madrigal of the Sun
The sphinx lies waiting
in the sigil of the sun
As daylight breaks through the sky
From beyond the abyss of space
Lethargy is vanquished
And the pyramids rise from the sands
Of a time once clandestine
Track Name: The Madrigal of the Dawn
Cerulean gradient has spawned from the macrocosmic uterus
Ocular blessing before our eyes
Blackness subdued
Yet therein
The prophets gaze unto the fading moon
Track Name: The Madrigal of the Day
Eyes of the throne stare
Like jackals famished
At the day that lays before them
Insatiable they are
For the sight of the stars
Their calls
Their cries
The daylight that glares
Into the eyes...
Track Name: The Madrigal of the Twilight
How faint hath the day becometh...
Track Name: The Madrigal of the Dusk
Could the wind that sang in the day
Silence the songs of the night?
Pharaohs have feared for millennia
The decline of their daylight
The plight of all
Our ultimate downfall
Approaching death
Our sun has set...
Track Name: The Madrigal of the Moon (An Étude of the Eyes of Eternity)
The Sphinx now lies waiting
In the sigil of the moon
And the nocturne shines
As The stars reflects in their eyes...
And Wolves amongst sheep
Wander the night as the
Jackals sleep
And The sigil lieth in the sands
Of a soon forgotten time
Of the slain daylight
Necrophilic symbol

Nanna illuminates
As Lucifer, the morning star, awaits.